What is fonoUC?

fonoUC Unified Communications Service Platform, is a scalable, managed turnkey solution for carriers and service providers, designed to provide multi-tenant business communications, next generation office PBX, including voice, video messaging and presence to Enterprises, SMB and Residential markets.

fonoUC is based on the latest state of the art open-source technologies such as Kazoo, Kamailio, FreeSWITCH, CouchDB, RabbitMQ hardened, integrated and productized into a hosted platform for carriers and service providers.

fonoUC is managed through a unified element management system that encompasses easy configuration, integration, operation, monitoring, alerting and reporting.

How do I get started with fonoUC?

The fonoUC offer a holistic, managed and  customized  hosted PBX solution for carriers and service providers.  Our teams will work with the provider to define their requirements, scope out the architecture and outline a go to production plan.

The provider is responsible for the data centers and hardware infrastructure. The fonoUC team will install the solution, integrate it into the providers infrastructure and business logic.

How much does fonoUC cost?

The fonoUC investment is split in two parts.   Installation and monthly support, management and maintenance.

Installation and Integration

The installation and integration costs are agreed upon between the fonoUC and the provider.   Since the fonoUC is structured as an opex solution, the upfront investment is only intended to cover the time of the fonoUC teams.

Monthly opex model

The provider will be charged "per seat" maintenance and management fee. The monthly fee includes ongoing product support, upgrades and maintenance.